International Teen Blogger: Young Women’s Health Talk

“Don’t be bossy”, Speak out for young women,

Join us at the Landa Library at 2:00pm to speak out for young women everywhere and discuss current issues involving the low self esteem we drill into the minds of young girls.

Have a voice and brainstorm ideas to change the horrible situation we are putting girls through.

Don’t let confident girls be labeled bossy. Speak out! Engage with other teen girls at the library and give yourself a voice.

Become an advocate and join the circle of young women to discuss the current situation of young women and how we can make a difference.

March is Women’s Health Month!

Some questions to think about:

Why do you think that young girls have experienced such drops in their self-esteem?

How can we prevent labeling confident girls negatively?

What struggles have you experienced in your personal life to reflect how women’s self esteem drops?

Why is it so hard to maintain self-esteem and a positive self image?

Who are your female role models and why?

Do women in positions of power have to display themselves as less feminine to maintain the respect of their co-workers and employees?

Is the female image associated with weakness?

If a woman is powerful is she seen as more masculine?

Can we change the associated of women and weakness for future generations or is it instilled in human nature?

What health issues can be linked to negative self-esteem?

Is change best achieved through teachers, public statements, or does society itself has to change?

 Ale, 16


2 Responses to “International Teen Blogger: Young Women’s Health Talk”

  1. Maddie Carrola Says:

    Young girls’ self-esteems have definitely dropped over the years and that is largely due to the societal focus on the body and one “right” way or appearance. Society is patriarchal, and therefore double standards and means of controlling women’s behaviors and representations are prevalent. The word “bossy” is used towards women to discourage them from leading or voicing opinions. And while some women are bossy, rather than good leaders, some men are too, but this label isn’t used towards them.

    Another reason so many young women feel insecure about their bodies is because of myths and stereotypes surrounding female anatomy, and the belief that a man’s approval or validation outweighs a personal choice. Today women objectify themselves because they believe it’s empowering, but in reality, it produces harmful effects on women’s mental and physical health, while also feeding the patriarchal standards. This also adds to internal misogyny, in which women don’t support other women because of the competition for male approval. Women need to support one another; it’s a necessity for change.

    Additionally, there has been a surge for what “real” women are, and I believe that anyone who identifies as female is a woman. Some women are indepenent; othere are intelligent, or quiet, mean, loud, kind, and the list goes on and on. Some women have freckles; some have acne, and others don’t. Personality and physical appearance don’t determine whether or not someone is a “real” woman. So many adjectives are used towards men, but no one questions whether or not they’re real, because it’s common sense that they are. I detest the comments that begin,”real women…” because these comments still create a mold or set of standards for women.

    It’s important for women to understand that their bodies are entirely their own, and that personal acceptance and love outweigh anyone else’s validation. Additionally, while the human body is something to embrace and love, it does not have to define you. You are more than your body and your appearance.

    I also want to say that I love this post! Change starts with education and expression.

    -Maddie Carrola, 17

  2. Young women need positive role models such as Jennifer Lawrence and Beyonce. However I feel that young women also need to develop self love. The famous quote, “you need to love yourself before you can love anyone else” still stands true in today’s society. We are powerful girls and should feel proud in our accomplishments. Love yourself and then others will flock to your confidence. Remember: YOU ARE FABULOUS!!!!-Kayleigh, 18

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