International Teen Club: Teen Women’s Talk Feedback

After 20 minutes of discussing the questions included in last weeks blog post, the circle of six young women, including myself, and two young men were able to leave the discussion with new questions and issues on their mind.

I left with new thoughts about how women in positions of political power have to adjust their femininity to please the voters and those around them. It made me think the next time I saw the political campaign of a woman how she must have struggled to correctly display herself.

Going through most of the questions, everyone contributed, even the young men in the room, one of which spoke of how the division of labor between men and women began in ancient history.


Overall, it was a successful discussion; a wonderful way to end Teen Women’s Health Month. I’m so glad I had people join me to spread awareness of our world’s sexism and talk about why confident women are degraded in today’s society.

Let’s build a future of confident, strong women!

 Ale, 16years, TLLC

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