Susan G. Komen: Race for the Cure at Seaworld

Pouring bags of ice over plastic swimming pools stacked with Gatorade was my job Saturday April 5th at 5:45 in the morning. My dad and I, both volunteering to represent the San Antonio Public library, were prepping the finish line for the exhausted participants scheduled to finish the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure at Seaworld. In the morning we worked to set up thousands of bottles of Gatorade in ice baths; In the afternoon, we stood on the sidelines of the finish line to hand out beverages to anyone who wanted one. While it was tiring, it was well worth it.

After some of the first set of swimming pools were set up around 6:30, it seemed like a good idea to take a picture with the library card on my key chain. On the left you see me holding up my card in front of a plastic kiddy pool after tearing up bags of ice and gatorade. On the right is me and my dad later in the day with pink bandannas and volunteer shirts.


The event was massive and everywhere I went I saw pink. Booths were lined up giving out pink bags, crowns, bandannas, ribbons, and almost everything else. It was incredible to see the amount of people running the 5K who had either survived breast cancer or lost a loved one to it. Because my grandmother is a survivor of breast cancer, I couldn’t have been more glad to dedicate part of my Saturday to help out. To volunteer for such an event was the idea of my coordinator, Beatrice Canales. As a representative for the volunteers of the San Antonio Public Library system, I am proud that causes such as these are actively supported.

Ale, 16, Landa TLLC

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