Arte Del Barrio

ImageVanessa Canizales, 17, Cenrtal Library


As a requirement  for my senior year at Henry Ford Academy, I, along with the rest of my senior class, were given the task to find an internship in career  we were interested in. With in that internship we where to apply the design process, which in general meant finding a solution to a current problem in that field. Landing an internship with The Salvation Army, I got to work hand on hand with their senior citizens. With in that department were a handful of phenomenal artist who had never had an art exhibition of their own. Finding that problem lead me to take on the challenge of coordinating an art show for them.

As weeks progressed I continuously researched for available gallery spaces around the city along with organizing the artist and the potential work that would be shown. Finally settling in on The Movement Gallery, Owned by Southwest Workers Union at 1412 E. Commerce, I quickly got to work on making flyers and getting the word of the event out to the public.  As the big day approached,  a helpful friend of mine and I spent the whole morning curating and setting up the space for later that evening. With the both of us being students from an Art school we got to put our good eyes to use while setting up the art pieces, making sure the atmosphere let off a well balanced and organized vibe.

During the event of it’s self I put on a confident smile, and hosted the show. Doing this included making sure all the right things were in order and taken care of, along with welcoming guests and answering any questions that were relevant to the art exhibit it’s self.


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