Teen Review: “Entwined” by Heather Dixon

Azalea, the eldest of twelve princesses, is finally old enough to attend the winter ball. Like their mother, Azalea and all of her sisters love to dance, but when tragedy strikes and their mother passes away, the dancing stops. Their father, who is not the warmest of people, calls for a year of grieving. When the girls wake up, their clothes have all been dyed black, the curtains have been drawn, and, worst of all, their dancing must stop. Struggling through the death of their mother, all the girls want to do is dance. It is their way to forget the sadness and be closer to their mother who shared their passion. Their home, having once housed magic, still has a little left, so the girls stumble across a magic entrance in their room. The discovery leads them to a magical forest with a gazebo made for dancing. It is maintained by Keeper, a man who is trapped, which makes him understand their situation. The forest becomes a refuge, a place to dance their difficult lives away, but soon it becomes clear that Keeper is not the perfect host. Can the girls make it through their grieving and fend off the evil grasp of Keeper?

Aedan, Central TLLC, 17

"Entwined" by Heather Dixon  book cover

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