Landa cool teens club:Viva la fiesta!

ImageFiesta is the most fun in San Antonio. Today we made fiesta crowns and necklaces from yarn, thread and ribbons. We listen to fall out boy, pain!c at the disco, and other artist. I had a lot of fun, braiding the thread and curling the ribbon. It’s a nice way to get your mind off of stressful school related activities. Every time I wrote these things they’re super short. I guess if its not a huge deal to someone they won’t have any real opinion of something. Music, books, and shows could keep me talking for hours, it’s pretty easy to talk about those things, but describing how you felt when you’re doing an activity like painting or acting its hard because you don’t think you do without paying attention to time or people. You get lost in what you’re doing to pay attention to anything else. Denny,15 years, landa cool teens club

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