Teen Review: “Firelight” by Sophie Jordan

The descendants of dragons, draki, are able to hide in human form. They, for the most part, live in separate communities. When they venture out into the general population, they go unnoticed, except by hunters, who prey on draki. But even the hunters don’t know about the draki’s human forms. Jacinda is special. Besides being a draki, she is the only fire breather her clan has seen in years. Because of this, her future has been laid out by the clan’s council. When Jacinda sneaks out during the day to fly and is chased by hunters, she becomes trapped and would have been taken, if not for a handsome boy that let her go. This upsets the clan. Not wanting to risk their precious fire breather before she can produce heirs, the elders consider cutting her wings. To escape this horrible fate, Jacinda is whisked away by her mother with her twin sister, who never manifested and is more than happy to leave. Now forced to live in a desert climate, Jacinda’s draki starts to shrivel. The only thing that keeps it alive is the mysterious boy who saved her. Since he is a hunter, he is a danger to her, but losing her ability to manifest is worse. Will she survive?

Aedan, Central TLLC, 17

 "Firelight" by Sophie Jordan book cover

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