The story of how we got here

So it all started off when we needed volunteer hours. There was no way I was working with kids (I would rip their heads off), but we needed something fast. We looked at the pamphlet and then we decided on working for the library. 

Anyway we drove all the way to Cody just for a application and then realized it was going to take forever for it to be looked at and we needed hours. 

We looked at the application and saw that we had to do a background check. “Yeah, cause I killed three men this year,” I sighed under my breath. Well, eventually we got called in for an interview and before you know it we are volunteering for Ed Cody Library. 

The first day was weird, I honestly couldn’t stop looking at David’s beard. But then I got used to it. But then he had to shave it off. So much for getting used to it. 

Eventually Gabby and I got the hang of working here and honestly there is no better way to earn volunteer hours (Just don’t take our jobs, k). 

Now I’m sitting here with my best friend looking through a cook book while she takes a picture of every single page in it. (Too bad it’s on hold, she should’ve just gotten the dang book). 

Well yeah, the end. 


-Amy (and Gabby)

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