I Go Back to Igo!

I Go Back to Igo

This week, I returned to the Igo Library after a year of attending college. It was great to see old friends and  new faces around the table. I was able to offer some insight into the world after high school, and I answered question after question about my school, picking classes, scholarships, and much more.

I’m very happy that I could help shed some light on the subject of college and maybe share some tips or experiences that were more recent and up-to-date than a teacher or counselor who attended college over a decade prior. For example, I was able to share information about RateMyProfessors.com, a site which allows students to rate professors based on helpfulness, clarity, and easiness. The site also gives students a place to post written reviews of their professors. Other students can then read these reviews and get a better idea of what a professor is like. It’s a great resource, and I have personally used it many times when determining which professors’ classes I should take.

It was, in truth, a wonderful experience on such a somber day following the passing of the great poet, Maya Angelou. To honor her, I read “Still I Rise”, one of her more famous works. Ms. Barbara shared a bit about Maya Angelou and her impact on the world and also read the poet’s final tweet.

Being back at the Igo gave me an incredible feeling. I had missed going to the library every Wednesday evening and having fun with my friends while planning events and such. The second I walked in the room, I was welcomed back with open arms. The teen program at Igo will always have a special place in my heart, and I am so grateful to have been a part of it for nearly two years of my high school career.

Nicole, 19 former Igo TLLC member

I’m HS freshmen and this is my first year with Igo Teens. It was great to meet Nicole. Her inside into “the world after high school” was very informative.  All I would like to say is I love Igo programs for teens. I’m going to post this  picture (never published before), we took during National Library Week. Thank you for a wonderful year,  looking forward to Summer with Igo Teens!  Maya, 14


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