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False immpressions


Jeffrey Archer’s novel “False Impression” combines slightly-illegal banking, art theft, and a contract killing to create a thrilling story. Centered around Vincent Van Gogh’s Portrait de l’Artist sans Barbe (which, for all of you art lovers, is one of only two pictures Van Gogh was thought to have sold in his lifetime), this novel explores the (slightly fictionalized) world of art dealing and theft.

I thought that this novel was unique and extremely well written. There were few typos, but it was slightly difficult to read because of some challenging vocabulary. I liked how the plot seemed to unroll as the story progresses; also, it did get a little bit complicated to follow. At the end, however, everything was tied up with a nice little bow on top. My two complaints: the romance and the lack of secondary characters. The romance Archer added appeared to come as an after-thought towards the end of the novel, which really bugged me; it was sorely underdeveloped and seemed to happen out-of-the blue. Also, there was a main cast of nine characters, which is a handful, but there were only two secondary characters in the entire book. It seemed like the author spent all of his time on the main characters and ran out of ideas for anyone else.

Overall Rating: 3 ½ stars

PG rating for a little bit of gore (minimal kissing and hardly any inappropriate language)

Difficulty to read: advanced vocabulary, and the book is decently long (448 pages)

Appropriate Ages: 7th grade and up for some concepts (9/11, contract killing)

Similar Books: Honor Among Thieves, also by Jeffrey Archer

by Marcia,15 Igo “Starbooks Cafe” book club

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