Teen Review: “The Great Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald

After Nick Carraway moves into a small cottage in West Egg, a series of event starts to unfold. Nick’s neighbor, the infamous Jay Gatsby, who is know for throwing elaborate parties, invites Nick to one. When Nick goes, he discovers that he is the only person there who has been invited, and no one can tell him what Gatsby looks like. It is finally revealed who Gatsby is and that the reason for the invitations is to meet Nick and to sway him into helping Gatsby with something. Gatsby has been throwing these parties all along, hoping that the love of his life, Daisy Buchanan, would wander over one night. Unfortunately, she does not, but Nick is her cousin, giving Gatsby a new way to manufacture a coincidental meeting. This book, though small, is packed with so much life that you feel you are right there, which makes this an enjoyable read.

Aedan, Central TLLC, 17

"The Great Gatsby" by F. Scott Fitzgerald book cover


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