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Today  Igo Online Book Club is reviewing “”  and  as always,  we invite you to join our  online book discussion. We do not need to meet we just want to “talk books”.   If you want to post a comment or review of this book please do.index

Book Review

Of Beast and Beauty, by Stacey Jay (author of the popular YA novel, Juliet Immortal), is an interesting take on the classic Beauty and the Beast storyline.  Stacey Jay took Belle and the Beast and, while changing and reversing their roles, created an entirely new story, but managed to stick close to the original plot. Isra is the blind princess in a domed city where life is sustained through blood sacrifice. When a Monstrous is captured inside her Smooth-Skinned city, she slowly befriends the Monstrous, a man named Gem, and realizes that her people’s misconceptions about the desert dwelling people are completely wrong. Gem shows her a new type of freedom, where she does not have to die for her city, where she can love who she chooses, and save Gem’s people at the same time. However, Gem’s lies, her father’s deceptions, and her city’s evil begin to destroy the freedom she had begun to gain, and destroy whatever hopes the planet may have had of healing. If anyone is to survive, Isra and Gem must learn how to trust each other, and, more importantly, they must learn how to love each other.

Told from both Isra’s and Gem’s perspectives, this book is a must-read for all Beauty and Beast fans, and people who like their dystopian novels mixed with romance.


Overall Rating: 4 stars

Appropriate Ages: 7th grade and up (human sacrifice might be a bit much for younger readers)

Similar books: Lament by Maggie Stiefvater, Cruel Beauty by Rosamund Hodge

Natalie W.   Igo TLLC, 15

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