Igo “Starbooks Cafe” Online Book Club.

Today Igo Online Book Club is  reviewing “Mistwood Book”  and as always we invite you to join our  online book discussion. We do not need to meet we just want to “talk books”.   If you want to post a comment or review of this book please do.  index (1)

Mistwood, by Leah Cypess, is a captivating novel full of murder and mayhem, with a supposedly-mythical creature thrown into the mix. Isabel is the Shifter, an immortal nonhuman entity sworn to protect the kings of Samorna and their families. She can be found when she is needed, and the soon-to-be king of Samorna, Rokan, invades her woods (the Mistwoods… who would have thought?) and binds her to protect him. What follows is a story of court intrigue, betrayal, and lots and lots of lies.  For the people who like all of the above, but with very little romance, y’all will be pleased! The romance is minimal and, in my opinion, underdeveloped.

Overall rating: 3 stars (this book is nothing special; it has decent writing, but some of the parts really needed to be explained better)

Appropriate Ages: any ages (nothing bad in it at all… no kissing, gore, and very minimal violence)

Similar Books: Nightspell by Leah Cypress (companion novel to Mistwood), Everlasting by Angie Frazier

Natalie W. Igo TLLC, 15

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