June 18th at Landa Library

A few Wednesdays ago the teens at Landa went to the rooftop terrace of the Bushnell.

The Bushnell is a building across from Landa library and it is absolutely beautiful, especially the view from the rooftop. We spent about 10 minutes at the top, taking photos and just admiring the view. It was absolutely astonishing, you could see downtown, it was really awesome. We also saw a plane nearby, it was really cool to see. My brother and I have been on the rooftop before, and the last time we were there it was awesome, it was about a year ago and you could see it was raining not too far from us. It was so amazing to see. This time was just as beautiful, luckily it wasn’t as windy as last time my brother and I were there. We had a lot of fun looking at the view, I hope we can go there sometime again, it really is a fun thing to see. Unfortunately, from what I gather, they do not allow weddings there anymore, it seems like an awesome place to hold a wedding.

Also, unfortunately I didn’t have my camera with me, but I borrowed Ms. Bea’s camera, so luckily I was able to take some photos. Well, I suppose that’s all for now.

Until next time!

P1030924 P1030917 P1030918 P1030919 P1030920 P1030922 P1030923

Written by Hannah Drummond.

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