This week at Landa Library

This Wednesday, the teens sat around the table playing loaded questions. At first we were going to watch a movie, but we decided against it. So we went to the closet to get out Loaded Questions, which is an extremely fun game, but the top shelf almost fell on us. Which was pretty horrifying to be honest, and just as it did that the fire alarm went off, so that made it even more horrifying. We decided to take out all of the boardgames, fix the shelf, and reorganize the entire top shelf. Which shockingly didn’t take that long to do..

Once we did that, we took Loaded Questions and started playing it. I really love the game, I think I love it more than anyone at the library. Also, sometimes I’m really good at it, but I suppose it’s just lucky guesses. So basically this week we just played Loaded Questions, we weren’t able to finish it though, but we almost did. Speaking of games, we still have not finished playing The Worse-Case Scenario Survival Game, every time we play it no one is able to get to the finish line. One day! One day, we will survive the game.



Written by Hannah Drummond.

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