San Japan 2014 for Landa library

This year on July 18th through the 20th there was a convention called San Japan and this was their seventh year. This convention has many things it has anime, some Japanese culture, pop culture, and many more things! This convention is a great way to meet different people that share your same interests. This is my fourth year going to the con and whenever I go its amazing! I get to meet amazing people, see awesome cosplays and cosplayers, meet some voice actors, and I get to hang out with my friends. San Japan is like a home away from home for at least three days. Everyone there gets to express themselves in different ways and show their love for the anime, show, and the character. We get to be ourselves and talk about our interests more than we usually could. The people at San Japan are amazing and I can’t wait to go back next year!IMG_3177  These are some of the awesome cosplays and cosplayers I saw at the con!IMG_3151IMG_3122IMG_3121IMG_3118IMG_3117IMG_3114IMG_3113IMG_3106IMG_3105IMG_3104IMG_3103IMG_3100

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