Landa Teen Readers, an Online Book Club, YA Book Review: Throne of Glass

This book was exciting, fresh, and lovable. The characters were strong and original, especially Celaena. She was smart, strong, and arrogant. So different from the Mary Sue characters that are common in YA fiction today. The story begins with Celaena in a prison camp called Endovier, where prisoners are forced to mine all day. She is being escorted to the Crown Prince of Adarlan and is given a deal; she can either stay and die in Endovier or fight in a contest where the winner becomes the King’s Assassin.

[Spoiler alert]

You find out that Celaena used to be the greatest and most feared assassin in Adarlan, until she was caught. It was a book that I read all through the night; I couldn’t put it down! There was action, there was romance (but not too much), and there was great character and world building. I loved the complexity of Celaena’s character and being able to hear from her point of view. The plot moved at a moderate pace, not too quick or slow.

The ending was great and there is already a sequel out, plus four prequels if you’re interested in Celaena’s past and how she was caught! Altogether, it was a great beginning to an exciting series. Recommended for ages 13+. Lola C, 14years, Landa Teen Reader

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