Teen Review: “Savage Drift” by Emmy Laybourne

In the third and final book in the “Monument 14” series, the group has finally made it to safety and are slowly being reunited with family, all except for Josie, who is trapped in a Type O camp that is unimaginably brutal. The poor conditions and savage treatment of type O’s is horrendous, and Josie has completely given up on herself. At the same time, Astrid is beginning to worry about the government stealing her away during the night to test her and her baby because of their compound exposure. With pregnant women disappearing left and right, her fears are becoming more and more legitimate. When Niko sees a picture of Josie in the newspaper, Astrid insists on accompanying him. Niko, Astrid, Dean, and Jake set out to find Josie, and they have no idea the peril they face. The government is covering up the compound drifts. Can they rescue Josie and safely deliver Astrid’s baby? “Savage Drift” was a fantastic conclusion to this amazing trilogy. I was in no way disappointed by the ending. It was a full circle.

Aedan, Central TLLC, 17

"Savage Drift" by Emmy Laybourne book cover

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