Landa Teen Library Leadership Council statement on Banned Books


When all individuals have the freedom to learn, explore, and think, the world gains creativity and a fuller understanding of society.  When denied resources, growth and exploration are severely limited.  To become engaged citizens, individuals must be able to carry different perspectives and ides that are represented in literature.  Whether life lessons or happiness is gained, the reader experiences a surge of critical thinking and/or pleasure.

The Iliad is a highly impactful epic that grants insight into Ancient Greek culture and ideals. Banning this book denies readers the chance to access this insight and learn about a unique historical culture.” -Mathias

“The Alice series by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor is wonderful for young girls who are entering that stage in their lives where they find themselves. This series allowed me to think about myself differently in that I was introduced to new opportunity– resources that I thought I’d never be able to access. The injustice of depriving other young girls from these books can be nothing but detrimental to their growth.” –Sofia-Rose

Banning books is a method to control thoughts and actions.  The Handmaid’s Tale, by Margaret Atwood is a novel that explores the control of men and women’s lifestyles, and it is through this that ideas become stifled.  Depression, fear, and loss are the feelings that arise, not only from the characters in The Handmaid’s Tale, but also from individuals today who are denied the freedom to explore and learn.  Novels like this carry a certain kind of insight and truth, revealing that the world of Gilead may become a reality for us.  The ever-expanding collection of books that I’ve read has allowed me to become a critical thinker, a more aware citizen, and a more knowledgeable being.  These aspects give me the power to create change and inspire others.”

-Madeline Carrola

Looking for Alaska has become one of my favorite books by author John Green because of its plot and representation of drugs, alcohol, smoking, etc.– worldly things that should not be ignored. Not be encouraged, but difficult to avoid, sheltering our children from these behaviors inhibits their understanding and decision making. Just like the protagonist, Miles Halter, who is searching for his “Great Perhaps”, we are always in a constant search for happiness and understanding of the world around us. The banning of books not only denies us the freedom of thought and expression, but it also cripples young children, adolescents, and adults’ mentalities.” -Gladis

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