Landa Cool Teens Club: Our Little Cities

On Wednesday the teens participated in a craft where we took sketches of cities, small mason jars, led candles, sharpies, and sheets of plastic (I forget the exact name for it, but it was basically a sheet of plastic) and we traced over the sketches onto the plastic. Once we had finished tracing, we carefully cut out the design, placed it into the mason jar, turned on the little led light, and viol√†! A fun little craft, it’s easy, fun, and looks absolutely beautiful. I have to say, it was hard at first, but then half way through I just kind of gave up trying to make mine look perfect, but shockingly enough mine turned out to look half way decent. Then we made popcorn in the popcorn maker, which was pretty fun, and one of the teens brought some video games, so we all sat around watching the people playing the games, it was a very fun night.

Written by Hannah Drummond, 17 years

pic1 pic2 pic3 pic4 pic5

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