Landa Cool Teens Club: Holiday Party

20141217_182636 20141217_182536 20141217_183123 20141217_182513 20141217_183030 20141217_183015 20141217_184811 20141217_185006 20141217_185252 20141217_181340


20141217_183129During our holiday party we got to see manynew sides of our friends. It was very impresive, fun, crazy, and loving. Our gft exchagne (Secret Santa) was a huge succes, and our gingerbread men (teen volunteer Deanna made them) was a blast. new desgins were created and photo bombing was included with our pictures too. Who she is (little Laura) we will never know. we are looking forward to our ,any new adventures cooming soon 2015!  -Rubi (18)

This was one of the best days i had, hanging out with my friend and getting 1 pound chocolate cant believe its been a year (opening Teen Time Capsule 2013) and it all started that one faithful Wednsday. thanks guy for the memories had lot of fun at landa this is my family. Jc out 🙂 – Juan Carlos, 14 20141217_182817


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