Teen Review: “The Young Elites” by Marie Lu

After a blood fever spreads across a nation, the children survivors are marked. They are named malfeto. At first, they are pitied, but when a few of them start showing remarkable talents, they become feared. Those special few are now the Young Elites. Adelina Amouteru survived the illness, and she was marked. Her father, a merchant, despises the way she scares off customers and doesn’t even have the power of an Elite to be useful to him. But one day, when she is pushed too far, Adelina’s powers finally surface, revealing a darkness in her. She is whisked away by a society of Young Elites named the Daggers. They are known and feared across the country for their power and vengeful behavior. Their goal is to stop the torment and hate rained down on the malfetos and show the country who really should be in charge. Can Adelina help turn the tide in the malfeto’s favor, or will her dark powers ruin everything? Marie Lu is an amazing author, and this new series is gripping.

Aedan, Central TLLC, 17

 "The Young Elites" by Marie Lu book cover

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