Teen Review: “Emma” by Jane Austen

If you have seen the ‘90s movie “Clueless,” then you know the story of Emma. Yes, it is set in a different time period and some of the names are different, but the movie is a very good interpretation. Emma Woodhouse is living a nice life with her father on their large estate. When her governess and close friend is married off, Emma finds herself a new friend, the pretty, but somewhat unrefined, Harriet Smith. Miss Smith is to be Emma’s new project. Despite the warnings of her close family friend Mr. Knightley, Emma puts notions into Harriet’s mind of what a nice match she can make with a Mr. Elton. Though she has good intentions throughout this book, Emma begins to learn that her meddling can cause more harm than good.  This is a pleasant read that explores the intricate relationships of people in this time period, and it has more than a few plot twists.

Aedan, Central TLLC, 18

"Emma" by Jane Austen book cover

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