Teen Review: “Bounce” by Natasha Friend

“Bounce” by Natasha Friend

Ever since she was a child, 13-year-old Evyn Linney has wished for a mom, on every dandelion, fallen eyelash, and birthday candle. Evyn’s mother passed away in a car accident when she was young, and she lived with her dad, whom she affectionately refers to as “Birdie,” and her older brother Mackey, before she is forced to move from her home in Maine all the way to Boston, Massachusetts before the start of eighth-grade when her father marries a woman he has fallen in love with – Eleni. Eleni is nothing like a stereotypical evil stepmother; rather, she is very loving and eager to take care of Evyn and Mackey like they’re her own children, along with the six children she has from a previous marriage – Thalia, Linus, Ajax, Clio, Cassi and Phoebe. Evyn struggles to adjust to her new life and turns to the spirit of her dead mother, whom she calls “Stella” for advice as she learns about the value of love. I feel that many teens can relate to Evyn’s determination to fit in and cope with change, which further enhances the reading experience. This is once again a spectacular, short-read by Natasha Friend, in addition to some of her other novels that I have read and enjoyed, Perfect and Lush.

~Niraja Surendran~15


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