Dear Juliet,…


In need of advice with school, friendships, family, or anything in general? Don’t be shy and send a letter to Juliet by going to Landa’s Library teen section or simply email her at with your age and last name. When she reads your letter, she will answer you back here at 210 Teen WordPress.

You may ask your self, “who is this mysterious Juliet?” Well, look no further than the blog, because it is me. I’m the new advice columnist for teenagers ages 13 to 18. I volunteered myself to be this years  advice columnist at Landa Library to help others with questions they might ask themselves on a daily basis. I’m here to be a big sister or a good ear listener when there is nobody there for you.

I had experienced things that made me be wise on my everyday decisions. With this said, i want it to help others with their problems, especially teens. Teens are in a stressful age where they need help from others but are too shy or scared to ask for it.

As your big sister, I’m here to provide you with advice and comfort on this month of February since is the month of love and friendships. Just email me or write a letter and i will get back to you as soon as possible.



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