Teen Review: “Divergent” by Veronica Roth

“Divergent” by Veronica Roth

For fans of the Hunger Games, I believe Divergent would be an extremely satisfactory read, offering a look at a dystopian society and featuring an independent and courageous protagonist, Tris. Tris lives in a society that is divided into five factions based on merit: the brave are part of Dauntless, the intellectuals are part of Erudite, the honest are part of Candor, the compassionate and optimistic are part of Amity, and the selfless are part of Abnegation, the faction Tris, her brother Caleb, and her parents are a part of. When Tris turns sixteen, she and other teens in the society are tested for recommendations for what faction they would best fit in. Tris’s test reveals that she is Divergent, one who is considered dangerous to society because they do not fit into just one faction; rather, their personality and mindset contain a blend of the traits of many factions. Tris keeps this a secret and joins Dauntless, where she meets her trainer and the love of her life, Four. Four helps Tris become one of the most valuable members of Dauntless and hide the fact that she is Divergent, because the Erudite are hunting for Divergents. The novel follows Tris’s personal struggle to become Dauntless even though she is Divergent. This is definitely one of my favorite books because of the interesting plotline and the lovable characters, notably Tris and the mysterious Four.

~ Niraja Surendran, 15, Parman TLLC


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