Dear Kitsune,

Thank you for the two letters you wrote to me.

As you mention in one letter that valentines day is getting close. On that day we like to show love to our friends and family, especially that one special someone. You asked for my help on what can you give your special friend since his intrest doesnt combine really well in your point of view. My suggestion is to go buy him a wolf stuff animal with his favorite sweets in a basket. Another suggestion will be buying a soccer ball, write league of legords quotes and/or draw some anime characters to make the soccer ball kawaii (cute).

On your second letter you said you worry for one of your friends. I suggest to try looking for him at school, talk to him privately, and ask if you can help him on anything he needs. If he pushes away by saying “no, im fine.” or “thanks, but its okay.” , just give him time and space, maybe he needs to be alone for a while. Im not saying to stay completely away, but to just keep an eye on him till he is ready to open up to you or someone for help.

Hope this helps.



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