Dear Smiley,

“One sheep, two sheep, now is time to hit the sheets.”

Trouble falling asleep? Watch a late night tv show till you fall sleep. Another good idea would be reading, drawing, or making an awesome senario in your mind.

Having a crush on someone can be tricky to know if they have a crush on you back. A good way of knowing is by asking or telling them that you like them, but when it comes to shy timid people it could be complicated. I would suggest starting a conversation with your crush and become friends. Once that step is done, find something both of you are intrested about and talk about it. Thru time he or she will see what a great person you are and start having a crush on you. And when they do they will either tell you or start showing you by making you laugh, smile more then you isually do and/or starts hanging out with you more then what they did before and only with you.

Hope this helps.



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