Landa Teen Library Leadership Council’s Statements for Peace

“Education is, quite simply, peace-building by another name.”

-Kofi Annan

 As educators, we believe in the importance of peace and history. By looking at the past, we can promote peace by teaching our students to widen their perspectives and learn about not only their history, but a global history. Through respecting others’ cultures, religions, and traditions, we can help them understand the power they have to be leaders in living in a peaceful world.

Lola, 16, Becca, 15


Through diplomacy, respect, compromise, and communication, peace not only becomes a possibility but also a sturdy foundation for a more united world.
Child’s Access to Education:
Providing education to every generation allows individuals to create, inspire, and progress.  When more individuals are educated, communities advance.
Teen’s Access to Education:
Teens are on the path to adulthood, and soon they will make decisions that impact society and their communities.  How will teens progress through this transition and become great leaders?  Education is always the answer.
Madeline Carrola, 18

The Landa Library Teen Leadership Council strongly supports all anti-discrimination efforts in the spirit of Black History Month, particularly in light of the events surrounding Charlie Hebdo in Paris. We strive to support peaceful resolution to conflict, both locally and internationally, knowing that, as Martin Luther King, Jr. once said “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”Wilson 18, Madison 16

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