Teen Review: “Unwind” by Neal Shusterman

“Unwind” by Neal Shusterman

Unwind features a dystopian society in which unwanted teenagers are “unwinded”; that is, they are killed and their organs are donated to other members of society in which they continue to “live” in other people. The novel follows the paths of three teenagers who are sent to be unwinds: Risa, Connor, and Lev. Risa is a talented pianist of the State Ward, meaning that she is an orphan, and is issued to be unwinded for extra rooming in the Ward for younger children. Connor is a rebellious teenager who is too much of a troublemaker for his parents to handle; therefore, they decide to have him unwound. Lev is the youngest of the three, and he is a tithe. A tithe is a child that a family decides to donate to the community, somewhat like the Christian belief of almsgiving. When Risa and Connor are willing to go AWOL in order to survive, Lev believes that being unwound is his holy duty based on what his role model, Pastor Dan, has told him; he is basically the major problem of the novel. This sci-fi novel is very interesting and the first book in a series, and I recommend it for teens of all ages.

~Niraja, 15-Parman TLLC

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