Teen Review: “The Perilous Sea” by Sherry Thomas

In this second installment of The Elemental Trilogy, the chapters are split between Titus and Iolanthe in the present time braving the Saharan Desert with their memories wiped and chapters a few weeks before that leading up to their sandy situation. After a whole summer of Iolanthe and Titus being separated, they are so happy to see each other and get back to work on defeating the Bane, but a few weeks into their second semester of school at Eaton College, something life-altering happens. A group of friends from school go to the beach for a long weekend. While the group is there, Wintervale, a mage who also happens to go to Eaton and missed the trip because he was on leave visiting his mother, shows up in a dingy being chased by Atlanteans. All of a sudden, a huge whirlpool is created, sucking up the Atlantis Agents. Titus spotted Wintervale from the balcony of his room at the beach house after waking up smiling from a nap. This sequence of events mirrors that of the vision Titus’ mother had of him finding the most powerful elemental mage to take down the Bane. Could Titus and Iolanthe have been wrong? Has Wintervale been the subject of the prophecy all along? This was a fun and exciting read with lots of humor and face-paced action.

Aedan, Central TLLC, 18"The Perilous Sea" by Sherry Thomas book cover

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