Parman Teen Book Review: “Shug” by Jenny Han

shug“Shug” by Jenny Han

12-year-old Annemarie, or Shug (the nickname her family gave her) has just entered junior high and she realizes that things have changed from elementary school. She has all of a sudden developed a lack of self-confidence and views herself as plain and ugly, in comparison to her pretty sister Celia. 15-year-old Celia doesn’t want to hang out with Shug as often, and Shug’s friend Elaine has a boyfriend now, and would rather hang out with the “cool girls”. Shug’s friend Mark, whom she has developed feelings for, does not spend much time with her anymore. To make matters worse, Shug’s father is always working and her mother has started drinking and Shug fears they will get a divorce. The novel follows Shug as she tries to fit in and find her own path through junior high as she realizes that growing up isn’t so bad after all. Shug’s bubbly personality adds to the quality of the book, and her funny narration kept me interested from the first page to the last. Shug is a truly beautiful books because it addresses everyday themes that we can all relate to, especially the fact that nobody is perfect and we should embrace our individuality instead of desperately attempting to “fit in”.

~Niraja, 16, Parman TLLC

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