Parman Teen Book Review “The Shadow Club” by Neal Shusterman

shadow club“The Shadow Club” by Neal Shusterman

First and foremost, this is a phenomenal novel, about a ninth-grader named Jared and several friends he makes in the Shadow Club, a group that he and his best friend Cheryl founded for those who feel that they are left in the shadows of those who are better than them – it is basically a pity club for the second best. Several humorous scenes are contrasted by dangerous scenes, and the danger escalates when the Shadow Club’s silly pranks on their competitors become serious incidents; yet the group decides to blame these occurrences on Tyson McGaw, their school’s social outcast. By the time that Jared discovers that danger is not in Tyson, but in the Shadow Club and his own friends, will it be too late to fix the many mistakes they have made? This novel is truly thought-provoking, tackling many themes, especially how and how not to deal with feelings of hatred we may have towards others, instigated by comparing ourselves to others and the belief that we are not good enough. I recommend all teens to read this book, which is a fairly short read, because all 199 pages of this novel are worth reading.

~Niraja, 16 Parman TLLC

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