Parman Teen Book Review: “The Shadow club rising” by Neal Shusterman

shadow club

“The Shadow Club Rising” by Neal Shusterman

This novel is the sequel to The Shadow Club that I had reviewed in March. I would recommend reading The Shadow Club first before reading this novel to get a complete grasp of what is going on, although it is not necessary to understand the plot. The Shadow Club Rising stresses the same message as its sequel and is a cautionary tale, reminding readers to keep their feelings in check before they escalate into dangerous situations. It is a tale of friendship and I liked how the ending successfully managed to tie everything together. However, this novel was a little cheesy, with one of the main characters being named Alec Smartz (he’s smart). This time, students are targeting Alec and it is up to Jared and the rest of the Shadow Club to see who is the culprit before it’s too late. Also, the climax is a little far-fetched, with everything working out in a sort of fairytale manner. Other than these few flaws, The Shadow Club Rising is a fairly satisfying read, although not as enjoyable as its prequel.

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