Teen Review: “The Girl with the Windup Heart” by Kady Cross

In the fourth installment of the Steampunk Chronicles, we get to know Mila, the partially automated girl, better. Now that she and Emily have been freed, Mila is living with Jack. But after Mila grows tired of Jack treating her like a child, she decides to go off on her own and experience some unsheltered life until Jack realized he misses her. At the same time, Finley and her friends are desperately trying to get Griffin back from the Machinist. Griffin is being held in the Aether, and the only way to rescue him is for Finley to temporarily die. Though she must face the Machinist, there are more ghosts from her past to be faced on this rescue mission. I thought this series ended with the third book, but I am glad it did not.

Aedan, Central TLLC, 18

"The Girl with the Windup Heart" by Kady Cross book cover

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