Teen Poetry Month-“I Never” Poems


Hello everyone this is your host Jc

That’s right me :-]

Jc who?

:-{ Just Cool that’s who

Well today at the Ne-ver Land Me and my companion Rubi wrote never poems, ya I will never be dethrone because I’m number Juan.

Ok back to me, we ate a lovely ice cream dish and made DVDs

“Search me up I’m Jc the man of the cool kids club” “Ya my name means Just Cool”

Ok well next week we tune in for Cinco de Mayo

We will be having the traditional tostadas and a lip singing contest

And a cool bones is that we have 1hr and 30 min to find 5 mayo jars the cream not the month

Well thanks B that you Cooooooooooooooool Report for today come on out and vist/Join the cool kids club on

Wednesdays at 5:30pm

From you #1 reporter JC.

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