Parman Teen Book Review: “Shug” by Jenny Han


“Shug” by Jenny Han

Shug is a sweet coming-of-age novel that follows the journey of Annemarie Wilcox as she enters middle school, which is a whole new world for her. Annemarie, or “Shug” as her family has affectionately nicknamed her, struggles to fit into to the teenage population and feels as though her friends are deserting her. Her best friend Elaine has a boyfriend now, and hangs out with the popular crowd, and Shug has to choose whether or not to associate herself with Elaine’s new mean friends or kinder social outcast. Her other best friend and neighbor, Mark, is completely oblivious of the romantic feelings she has developed for him. Shug is a novel that is truly impactful because middle school is something we can all relate to, whether it brings back nightmares or positive memories. The narrator’s voice is powerful, moving, and hilarious – an adorable mix that will leave readers satisfied. She goes through many changes including becoming more conscious about her appearance and reputation, and I believe that this novel has a very important message to spread: although middle and high school can be rough, one should use time spent there as an opportunity to build one’s character, instead of allowing stress and peer pressure to break one apart. Last but not least, I loved the happy ending to the novel, and I think everyone who reads this novel will too.

Niraja, 16, Parman TLLC

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