Parman Teen Book Review: “Looking for Alaska” by John Green

Looking For Alaska is a highly acclaimed and award-winning novel by John Green that has not received as much popularity as his novel The Fault in our Stars, but still deserves respect and commendation for the many philosophical and psychological issues that it tackles. Looking For Alaska was a truly thought-provoking novel that will change readers, hopefully for the better. It follows a major change that protagonist Miles “Pudge” Halter undergoes, which includes meeting the wild, moody, yet kind-hearted Alaska Young at the new boarding school he attends. Alaska teaches him how to live, love, and get by at Culver Creek (the boarding school Pudge attends), but more importantly, she teaches him how to forgive and forget. The novel transforms into a suspenseful mystery towards the latter half, but the ending is rather satisfying. Looking For Alaska is overall an excellent read.

Niraja, 16 Parman TLLC

Niraja, 16

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