Parman Teen Book Review: “The Geography of you and me” by Jennifer Smith

geography of you and me

“The Geography of You and Me” is a cute novel that follows the journey of Lucy, a junior born and raised in New York who enjoys solitude, and Owen, a somewhat mysterious senior who struggles with the recent death of his mother and his moody father, as they drift farther away after meeting in New York in a broken elevator during the power outage. They bonded over postcards and a night on the rooftop of the apartment they both resided in; however, after Lucy moves to Europe and Owen to the West, it is really worthwhile for them to continue their relationship through postcards and the occasional email, or should they just leave everything behind and accept they have new lives? The matter becomes even more complicated when Lucy meets the perfectly gorgeous Liam in Scotland, and Owen meets the most beautiful girl he has met, Paisley, at his new job. I definitely enjoyed this lighthearted romance, although the ending was a bit clichĂ©, and did not wrap things up too well.

Niraja 16 Parman TLLC

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