Looking to volunteer at the Public Libraries?

In summer of 2014, I had volunteered at the McCreless Library. I had volunteered at the branch everyday, hours changing on some days, every time having something different to do. On my first week, I did the usual, shelf books, and done the router so the books can be transferred to other branches. If you want to become an Elementary teacher, then Kids’ Time would be perfect for you! I never really thought of myself as a “Kids” person but I figured to try it out and learn from it. Helping, I learned not all kids are rowdy and crazy, some can be patient and be kind-hearted. The staff was real kind to me and I still remembered how they trained me to be the best volunteer I could, Destiny, Maria, Monty, and Cam trained me and were extremely helpful. Sadly all good things come to an end and once school started, I had to leave. I will never forget what the staff had done for me and helped me to figure what I want to do later in life.

Flashforward to 2015, I tried to volunteer at McCreless again but all of the available slots for volunteering were taken.  I figured there could be another library that could use my help, I ended up at the Central Library. When I first walked in, I was in shock! I didn’t expect to have six floors and so many activities. The volunteer coordinator Ronnie put me in the Teen Library, which I love! I’m around the people close to my age and the staff are very funny and helpful. The staff can be also really friendly, Regina makes me laugh, Jennifer can be understanding and friendly to everyone (She calls me Chip and I call her Camilla) Kathleen helps everyone with the problems the teens experience, Caroline is the lab person, any trouble in Science, she’s the one to go to, and J.D. who is understanding, trying to help everyone, and dependable. The staff made me feel welcome and I appreciate their help.

So if you need to volunteer for school or an organization, or just want to give back, there is always the public library! You could learn something about yourself and meet some unforgettable people who will help you.

From Noel @ Central Library

One Response to “Looking to volunteer at the Public Libraries?”

  1. Carol De Leon Says:

    This amazing blogger Noel is fun, outgoing and always ready to help others. Just keep blogging!

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