Teen Outreach

How’s it going guys!!!
Well I got a fun thing to tell everyone, on June 19 Miss B. and myself when to a high school called St. Anthony Catholic High School (I go to school at St. Anthony!). We went to give a presentation to the incoming freshman who were taking summer school to get ahead. We were telling them that the library is one of the coolest places to go. Now if you think the library is a place that only has books, you are close but there is more to a library than what meets the eye, the library is a place filled with opportunities.
Here at the library you can volunteer, join clubs, also if you need help the library is here. They have books that you can read for fun or for a project at school, movies and music so you can hear and see the latest stuff. The best part is that it’s all for free but you need a library card. We shared a lot of info and cool facts of the library to these students, and near the end we gave away cool prizes that they won by answer questions and we even got to take selfies with them. I like informing kid, teens and even parents of the cool things that our San Antonio Public libraries offers and does. If you want to have us come over to your school or event to give a quick view of the awesomeness of libraries then call us at landa or visit the closest library near you and find out what things they do and offer.
JC, 15

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