Video Game Review: “Team Fortress 2” by Valve Corporation

Team Fortress 2 is a first-person shooter for PC and Xbox 360 with interesting gameplay and a cartoonish look and feel. Unlike most first-person shooters like the Call of Duty franchise or Battlefield, Team Fortress 2 takes a much less serious approach to war and combat, but not laid back enough to where the game isn’t good. In Team Fortress 2, there are nine classes to choose from. Let’s start with the Spy class. The Spy is able to disguise as a player from the opposing red or blue team, and can turn invisible for short periods of time, and backstab enemies while disguised. With the Spy’s Sapper tool, he can destroy enemy sentry guns built by the Engineer class. The Engineer class is my personal favorite and a fun class to play as. The Engineer wields a wrench to build sentry guns, health and ammo dispensers, and teleporters. He also carries a basic shotgun for self-defense. The next class is the Medic. The Medic class carries a “medi-gun” which, when activated, heals the player closest to you, while simultaneously building up Ubercharge, which gives the player being healed temporary invincibility from bullets, explosions, fire, etc. This class is useful for healing the Heavy class. The Heavy carries a minigun and has a lot of health, at the cost of being the slowest of all nine classes. His minigun’s power, along with the Medic’s Ubercharge, makes a great combination. The Scout class is the fastest class of all nine classes, and carries a scattergun that does high damage at a close range. Despite it being the fastest class, it has the lowest health. Now that I’ve explained a few classes, I’ll tell you about the gamemodes within Team Fortress 2. The first gamemode, and my personal favorite is called Capture the Flag. Simply put, both team’s goal is to take the opposing team’s intelligence briefcase, and return it to their base. The second is called Control Point. In Control Point, the goal of the offensive team is to capture a control point from the defending team by staying on the point for a small amount of time. The third gamemode is called Payload. In Payload, a cart on a railroad track must be escorted to the opposing team’s base, while the opposing team defends. In the King of the Hill gamemode, one control point must be controlled by RED or BLU team for a select amount of time. The team who controls it for that amount of time wins the game. You can also customize your classes with in-game drops of cosmetic items, and non-stock weapons, or you can buy them from the market in-game. Team Fortress 2 is free to play (F2P) and is available on Steam (also free to install), and Xbox Live Marketplace for $6.59 as a bundle in the Orange Box. I give this game a 10/10, and strongly recommend you play it. I have played it for over 190 hours on PC!  Happy gaming!

-Samuel, age 15

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