Hello everyone this is Jc live at Landa, this is story time with JC,

On the 10 of June I Died, I was on the front line besides my partner Sofi.

Now you want to know what side we were and well we were villains, our enemies were the assassins and the heroes. The battle began we were throwing booms at each other even I couldn’t keep count but to my surprise, well not really, was that I was betrayed by my partner Sofi. She got me from behind. Then someone got me on the shoulder, I was attacked at all angles, I got a few people myself but my goal was to eliminate the assassin Erwin. The battle lasted for hours (it was actually minutes but it sounds cooler if I say hours) I was out numbered the droplets of liquid ran down as if I were a waterfall.(It was from the water that I got hit by when the water balloons pop) so the Heroin Rubi brought out the BIG GUNS and when I mean big I mean BIG. I knew it was over so I ran forward to attack but sadly I was bombarded badly. The “BIG GUNS” was a hose so I got supper wet. Ha ha ha it was a lot of fun before we could decide who the best of the three groups were. We ran out of ammo so we went ionside to grab a snack and say goodbye. Thank you hope you enjoyed story times with JC.

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