Landa’s First Read-A-Thon

The Landa Library teens held their first Read-A-Thon this past Sunday afternoon.  Attended by a quite a few avid readers, the event invited teens to read and relax for a few hours.  While the teens read to themselves for the majority of the time, a few volunteers read their favorite novels to the group.  These reads included Orwell’s Animal Farm, Stein’s The Art of Racing in the Rain, and Card’s Xenocide.  As one can see, these favorites spanned quite a few genres.  For each half hour they read, the teen readers were rewarded with a pin that marked their level.  This Read-A-Thon awarded pins Zulu through Charlie, the first three out of ten levels that can be earned.  The success of this past Sunday is surely the first of many more Read-A-Thons to come to Landa Library.

-Sofia, 15

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