Parman Teen Review: “Duplikate” by Cherry Cheva


Duplikate is a young adult novel that follows the life of a hard-working, overscheduled high school senior, Kate, as she struggles to get into the college of her dreams, Yale University. Kate has her finals, SATs, projects, and Yale essay due the same week, along with her commitments to her friends and extracurricular activities. However, the sleep-deprived and seriously stressed Kate finds a solution to her problems on accident: Rina. Rina is Kate’s character in a computer game called SimuLife that she played in the eighth grade, and due to a laptop malfunction, Rina has come to life. Rina is Kate’s twin; she looks exactly like Kate, and with some coaching from Kate, learns how to dress and even act somewhat like Kate. At first, Kate attempts to send Rina back to the virtual world where she belongs, but this isn’t possible because Kate lacks the SimuLife disk that will allow her to cancel her account on the game. Later on in the novel, however, Kate decides to allow Rina to help her out, starting with simple tasks like folding her laundry or making her flashcards for classes, but this eventually escalates into a dangerous situation, in which Kate’s cyber-twin tries to take control of her whole life. Overall, this novel was pretty entertaining, with an appropriate blend of humor and thought.

~Niraja, 16

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