Parman Teen Book Review: “Perfect” by Natasha Friend

perfect     Perfect is a realistic fiction novel about a middle-schooler, Isabelle Lee, and how her once perfect life turns upside down after the passing of her father. Her mother is depressed, and Isabelle develops and eating disorder, bulimia, in response to the tragic event that has occurred in her life. Her little sister April, however, soon discovers that she is a bulimic and tells their mother this, who then forces Isabelle to join a therapy group in hopes of helping her daughter. At first Isabelle is uncomfortable with the group, until notices that Ashley Barnum, the prettiest, smartest, richest, and most popular girl at school, also has an eating disorder and has joined the therapy group. Isabelle realizes that although Ashley may seem perfect and it may seem as though she lives a perfect life, Ashley also has family problems. The two become good friends. This book has themes very similar to that of “The Breakfast Club” where two totally different people click and become friends, but it also explores concepts of coping with problems and sadness and how appearances may be deceiving, which was what really made this award-winning novel a worthwhile and heartfelt read for me.

~Niraja, 16 Parman TLLC

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