Thousand Oaks Teen Space Decorating

The teens at Thousand Oaks felt the teen space was a little too empty and lacked personality.  With that, I had shelving moved in to expand the manga collection and made some 3D letters that say Teens.  I planned on making the letters out of cardboard and paper mache and letting the teens decorate them as they wish.  Their idea was to cover them in comic book pages.

I started by cutting letters out of cardboard and using hot glue to put them together.


After all of the letters were complete, I started on the paper mache.  This process took a little while so I took some letters home and worked on them through the night.  I made sure to wear my best apron for a job of this caliber.


I took the finished letters to teen time for final decoration.  My stars were less than lucky that day, it happened to be the one program I’ve held where I didn’t have single teen show up.  Onward I went with decorating.  I used several withdrawn graphic novels for the covers.  I used one graphic novel for each letter to maintain a consistency.


I finished all the letters and waited for the following week to show them to the teens.  It was movie and snack night so of course they would show up for that and not decorating. :p  They were super stoked about the end result.


A new dry erase/cork board for announcements and general shenanigans was placed in the area.  I’ve asked the teens to bring in artwork they create to hang on the walls as well.  Zach Colwell brought in his work he calls “Tubes”.


Slowly, the teen space at Thousand Oaks is being transformed into a more comfortable and personal hanging spot for our teens.


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