Pumpkin Pretzels and the Werewolf Game at Cody’s Teen Time

Today was my first day in teen time. Of course, I was a bit nervous at first since I’m a shy person to begin with, but upon walking into the room I immediately felt a sense of friendliness and I wasn’t so scared anymore. After I was introduced to everyone we got to work on today’s activities. We got to make a little Halloween themed snack using different types of food. First, you melt the chocolate in a special chocolate melting pot. The chocolate was even orange to fit in with the Halloween theme! Then you open a bag of pretzels squares and spread the chocolate over the pretzels to help make the candy stick. We added M&M’s to the pretzels and since they were different colors you could create a shape with them. On some of the pretzels you could make the figure of a pumpkin which is usually used when representing the month of October and Halloween.

Not only did we get to eat those deliciously sweet snacks, we also got to play a really fun game. The game works best when there are more players but no matter the amount, the game is still highly entertaining and competitive. There are different cards each with a job assigned on it. The four jobs were: werewolf, villager, doctor and seer. The cards are shuffled, faced down and handed out one by one to each player. The most important thing to remember is to not let anyone know what role you are playing since it can end up saving your ‘life’ if you are clever enough to outsmart your opponents. Once the cards are passed out, the players are asked to close their eyes and the ‘werewolf’ awakes to take its first victim! After taking their victim the doctor is asked to wake and save the person who they think was attacked. In reality no one knows who was attacked or who did the attacking until the end! It is a fun mystery game that requires the players to be clever and maybe even good listeners since sometimes the werewolf accidentally gives a clue about their identity. In our case, most of the time, the doctor unfortunately ended up being the victim. The game ends when someone is accused of being the werewolf. You can play the game as many times as you wish and after playing it the first time, you probably will want to play it many more times.

Teen time is a great experience because it is full of fun activities that teens can participate in, plus it gives you the chance to meet new people! Even if you are shy like me, don’t worry because teen time is the perfect place for making new friends and trust me it is an experience you will never forget. I’m already anxiously waiting for the next time we meet for teen time!

-Barbara, 17 Cody TLLC

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