Parman Teen Book Review: “Thirteen Reasons Why” by Jay Asher

13reason why Thirteen Reasons Why is a very emotional novel involved with heavy topics such as suicide and depression. Clay Jensen is a high-schooler who finds a package on his doorstep one day after coming home from school. The package contains seven tapes recorded by his former classmate and love interest, Hannah Baker, who recently committed suicide. Clay realizes that these tapes have been passed around by twelve people – twelve people that Hannah says are the reasons that she committed suicide. Clay listens to these tapes and finally understands all the hardships that Hannah has been through, and Hannah mentions how much she liked Clay and how she felt like he was a really nice person, but was not sure if she could trust him because she mistrusted guys in general after being treated poorly by them. Clay feels guilty about not doing anything to help her, and at the end of the novel corrects his mistake to the best of his ability. This novel is eye-opening because it demonstrates that people often wear masks that hide their true feelings. Sometimes they cry out for help like Hannah did, and they are ignored, which leads to them extremes like taking their own life or hurting themselves in other ways. This novel really showed me how it is necessary for us to be kind and considerate towards those around us, because we may never know what is going on with their lives.

Niraja, Parman TLLC

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