Teen Anime Club: Spooky Edition

Halloween is just around the corner! Even though Halloween isn’t widely celebrated in Japan (although it is starting to become a little more popular, mostly among teens!), this time of year just calls for all kinds of spookiness. So the teens at the Encino Library decided that we needed a special edition of our Teen Anime Club…

Thus, the Teen Anime Club: Spooky Edition was born!


Do you dare read more? 

For our super special spooky edition of the Teen Anime Club, we definitely wanted to decorate the room in the spirit of spookiness. That meant busting out our decorating skills during Teen Time the week before and hanging up all kinds of spooky things, such as…

Pumpkin and ghost lights…2

Covering up the outside windows to make it even darker in the room…perfect for spooky anime screenings!

A friendly (maybe?) skeleton, keeping any wandering spirits away from our teen closet full of amazing things…4

Purple lights to highlight our manga and comic books…
And candles to give us just a little bit of light!
(No worries, they’re fake!)

Teen Anime Club started as usual, with some hellos and general socializing…gotta catch up on all the latest anime happenings, y’know? After talking a little bit about the lack of Halloween celebrations in Japan, we turned the discussion to something that is a huge part of Japan…

Spooky. Urban. Legends. Oh yeah. It was going to be spooky, for sure. (Hey, how many times can we say spooky in this entire blog post?? Let’s find out.) We watched a few clips of different Japanese urban legends, some of which we had heard of before—and some which made our skin crawl! A few of us even offered our own variations of the tales. And some of us decorate our cool dry erase wall to help ease the spookiness.

7 8

Afterwards, we shared our own spooky stories.
Some were urban legends…and some were true.

By this point, we were all spooked—but more importantly, hungry. And what’s a party—a spooky party, especially—without some delicious treats?! Cookies, candies, and Kool-aid (okay, that last one doesn’t start with a c…but it’s close enough).


For the remainder of Teen Anime Club: Spooky Edition, we used our super awesome Crunchyroll account (thanks Crunchyroll!! Y’all rock!) to watch some extra spooky anime.

10 11

And, of course…we can’t forget about the cosplay! Check out these awesome cosplays by some of our dedicated otaku!

12 13

The Teen Anime Club at the Encino Library meets every Monday from 5:30 to 7:30 PM. Always check the calendar online for special editions of the club, or to see any club cancellations around the holidays. Bring your friends! We hope to see you soon!!

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